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The One Car

The One Car was our first car launched and has been a real workhorse over the last 10 years. This is the smaller car in size, weight and dimension, which makes it ideal for the Tow Dolly, Bumper Tow, and car-to-car work. Great for tight shots and alleys!
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The Two Car

The Two Car is the latest addition to the business and was built with extreme attention to detail. The larger decks, staircase and overall power and size make this car ideal for Process Trailer and Crane work. Great for wider shots and more space!
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The Smart eCar

The eCar is a
2014 electric Smart Car introduced in 2016! It is fully electric (not a hybrid) and is a street legal registered vehicle with top speed of 80 MPH. It has the smoothest take off with no jump or lag.
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The Traditional eCar

Our fully-electric Polaris side-by-side is our more “Traditional” style eCar. With a top speed of 30 MPH, this traditional car is great on and off-road. Comes with on and off-road tires, jib arm mount, post and arm and full rigging package.
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The Quad

Our Polaris Sportsman 500 is great for off road, deep wooded trails and beaches.
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The Halo

A newly designed high-speed camera car that provides a broad range of filming capabilities for any given sequence.
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The Rover

The Rover is the newest addition to the Road Runner fleet, and the third eCar in the lineup. The Rover is great for on and off-road applications.

Who We Are

We are Road Runner Camera Cars, founded by Jared Sturner in 1990. Jared has been involved in the movie industry for over 30 years.

What We Do

Road Runner Camera Cars provides a complete package of services for a moving set including 6 cars, cranes, Trailers, and Tows.

Contact Us

Telephone: (914) 777-7400
Fax: (914) 560-2219
Email: ObscureMyEmail


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